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School Draw

School Fundraising Facts
• Obtaining funds from the government at present has become increasingly difficult, essential repairs and upgrades are being neglected.
• Trying to organize an entire fundraising campaign can be daunting to say the least. Once formed, a committee must try to determine the most efficient and cost effective way of proceeding with the project, decide on structure, time-line, prizes, printing needs and costs, promotional equipment, student incentives, organizational requirements etc.
• This often leads to a lengthy process and ultimately one that hasn’t fully maximized the situation, thus limiting potential income.
• This is a common occurrence and shouldn’t be held against either the committee or the school itself, they are undertaking a project which they likely have minimal, if any, experience in organizing and one that requires precision planning & execution.
• …and that’s where we come in, Midland Travel are experts in the field!

Key Reasons to partner with Midland Travel
• A hassle free way of generating essential funds. All aspects of organization are covered by Midland Travel.
• No deposit required. No massive outlay for the schools to incur like printing, design and acquiring prizes etc. All prizes, draw cards, promotional material, student incentives, delivery costs & all other items which are needed to run the incentive are provided by midland travel.
• It cannot be done any cheaper; the prizes alone are at almost cost price while printing and design can runanywhere upwards of €500.
• Each and every holiday and prize package is fully guaranteed
• We have a 100% records in generating new funds for organizations. Every single school that run a project with us made significant profit.
• Experience, well established and Irish owned, fully bonded & licensed travel agents so as your draw is complete you pass on our details to the winners and you’re done! We take care of everything else.
• Only one school in any area is given the opportunity to run the project so as to fully maximize its potential return.

Brief description on how it works:
• After discussing the range of options available with one of our fundraising specialists the school then decides on a package that best suits their needs, with all material specifically tailored to the school i.e. crests, colours, what the fundraiser is in aid etc.
• Midland Travel will then formulate proposals on draw cards layout and related matters i.e. number of cards required, how many lines, poster proofs, colour scheme etc. and makes recommendations on this due to our vast experience in successfully identifying how best to create a successful campaign, but the school will obviously have the final say on all matters.
• All the materials and organization necessary to run the project are provided as part of the package; promotional full A3 & A4 posters, permission slips professional back-drops for store collections etc. and prizes.
• The prizes are fantastic, ranging from sun or ski holidays to family adventure vacations and weekend sports breaks and include all accommodation, travel, transfers, associated event tickets, taxes, baggage fees and service charges. There is absolutely nothing extra for either the school or prize-winner to pay for!
• The event is promoted throughout the country, and as we only do one school in any area to avail of the project, it guarantees to maximise the potential profit.
• Only after the successful completion of your fundraiser do you pay the pre-agreed price thus eliminating upfront payments and hidden costs


Please contact our office to speak with one of our fundraising specialists who will be delighted to discuss the best options for your particular organisation, all fully customised and tailored to your individual needs.


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